We want to hear from you!

As a trial service, your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know what you think about the service, how you believe it could be improved, or anything else you would like to share about your experience.

  • Call us on 13 11 90 anytime.
  • Send us any questions or comments on our feedback form.

Our consultation

Throughout the planning and design of the DRT trial, we went out into the Logan community to find out what was important to you.

This consultation took place from mid-May to early July 2017 and was an opportunity for you to have your say on the trial and provide feedback which we could use in the final design of the service.

Read the full consultation report (PDF 944KB) to find out what you told us, or view the summary (PDF 190KB).

We collected your feedback by:

  • Survey (hardcopy and online)
  • Interactive online map
  • Discussion boards and quick poll
  • Community information sessions
  • Stakeholder briefings
  • Customer Liaison Officers on network

How you contributed

Throughout the consultation period we had 5,100 visits to our Have Your Say community website and more than 33,000 people reached through TransLink’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Our Customer Liaison Officers interacted with over 3,000 people across our Logan network.

More than 1,780 members of the community engaged with us through a range of activities including:

  • 488 surveys completed
  • 82 pins added to the interactive map
  • 46 votes on the quick poll
  • 779 interactions at information sessions
  • 70 people attending facilitated workshops
  • 23 posts on our discussion board
  • 297 subscribers to the DRT newsletter

Would you use DRT?

When asked if you would use DRT as a way to get around locally, 67 per cent said yes you would, 11 per cent were unsure and 22 per cent said no.

Many of you also mentioned you would recommend DRT to your friends.

Text description of results graphic

Icons showing response rate of using DRT

DRT destinations

When considering your preferred DRT destination locations travel to the local transport hubs (36 per cent), the local shops (22 per cent) and healthcare venues such as hospitals (18 per cent) were the most common responses. Community centres, libraries and churches were also suggested.

Text description of DRT destinations results chart

Chart showing DRT destination responses

When would you use DRT?

You told us that you would most likely use DRT to travel to the local bus and train stations (34 per cent) followed by the local shops (21 per cent) and to attend healthcare appointments such as the GP

(16 per cent). You also said you would use DRT to get to work locally and for educational and recreational purposes.

Text description of chart results

Booking preferences

When we asked you how you would like to book your DRT service, 37 per cent said you would like to use a phone, 25 per cent you would use an app and 22 per cent wanted to book via an online portal.

You also told us you would like a variety of ways to book, to cater for different needs.

Text description of booking preferences results chart

Chart showing results of booking preferences

Hours of operation

When asked about what hours the DRT service should operate you said:

  • To connect to early and late buses and trains
  • To match shopping centre hours
  • Be available on weekends
  • Early start for shift workers.